The focus of my practice is based on human interactions; the relation with ourselves and with each other. My research currently focuses on how art can question universal problems such as warfare, corruption, climate change, or the psychology of human consciousness. Through various patterns and collections of aggregate content, my work explores speculative scenarios concerning the socio-political position of the individual within the past, present and future society.

I’m a mixed media artist, whose interdisciplinary practice intertwines sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, digital image, installation, sound and performance. However, the emphasis within my work always remains on the concept and critical questioning of the subject rather than the medium itself.

As well as having an individual practice, I am part of an artist collective. Due to the ongoing global crisis, in 2015 myself and four other artists formed the BordersBorderlessCollective. The group has the high hopes of activating social change via raising awareness through art and public engagement by generating discussions on the subject between artists, different organisations and refugees with various backgrounds.

In 2018 I co-founded HOXTON 253 art project space with my partner Mirko Boffelli. The space is a not for profit community focused venture, providing an experimental platform to emerging and mid-career artists.

I live and work in London, UK.