Jam on Toast, instrumental audio reactive light performance, UAL Chelsea, London
Rarely Parasitic, performative installation with multi-channel sound and image, UAL Chelsea, London

2017-18 Clyde&Co Blank Canvas Prize Winner
Not just what you say, but the way you look at meClyde&Co Commission, The St Botolph Building, London
Open ArtVirtual selected group exhibition
Orbital, 2017-18 Display, LEWIS Foundation, Millbank Tower, London
In God We Trust, UAL Chelsea, London
Politics of the Manifesting Mind, Set & Setting for a Utopian Dream, booklet
In The Woods, UAL Chelsea, London

Grasses – The Magazine Sessions 2016: Anthea Hamilton, group performance directed by Anthea Hamilton, The Magazine at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, London
Translations group exhibition, UAL Chelsea, London, UK
LEFT HIGH AND DRY, Nomadic Community Garden, London
Collectivity and political art, group seminar held at UAL Chelsea, London
ACTS RE-ACTS 3, THE ISADORABLE group performance directed by Rosemary Cronin, WCA Performance Lab, London
eARTH, group show, UAL LCC, London

Donuts, group research residency led by Anthea Hamilton, fig-2, 44/50, ICA, London
The Advantage of Elephants group exhibition, Mori&Stein, London
Primavera group performance directed by Anthea Hamilton at the House, Oslo, Norway
First year group show at UAL Chelsea, London

CCW Foundation Diploma Show


Why do artists collaborate? Graduate Diploma KEY practices-ideas-debates-moments-words event, panel discussion, UAL Chelsea, London

Paper Planes at Self-Organize group show, Crown House Creative, London
Tangled, UAL Chelsea, London
Wall, SANfest, Monasterio Monsalud, Córlcoles, Madrid, Spain
Refugee Week multimedia installation in collaboration with CounterPoint Arts at the Meltdown Festival, Southbank Centre, London
Workshop held at AFRIL (Action for Refugees in Lewisham), London
Collectivity and political art seminar held at UAL Chelsea, London

A Global War but not A Global Citizen? UAL Chelsea, London

The Kupambana Foundation Award
Support in kind for Art in Process residency at SANfest


BA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts, 2017
FD Fine Art, CCW UAL, 2014